Thursday, August 6, 2009

"Youth does not mind where it sets its foot." - Irish Proverb

We spent a long time preparing the boys to move. We talked about moving to Ireland, saying goodbye to our apartment and the cribs, what we should bring, we looked at maps, read books about flying and Ireland and talked about how we will all be together.  It was all done casually and positively.  

I would really love to know what their real perception is.  They have stayed in hotels before, so they knew that when we arrived it was a place that we would be leaving fairly  soon.  As it turns out, they think that this temporary apartment IS Ireland.  Leaving the park yesterday, they were telling me that we were going back to Ireland.  And they are very adamant about it!

Oh well, they are happy to be playing in playgrounds, running on grass, wheeling around with Mom and Dad.  They wouldn't mind having some "syriup" for their waffles (they don't really do that here), but they seem to be riding it out very nicely.  So far, there has been only one early morning fall out of bed.  

I am really looking forward to getting in to our house and getting settled.  I am even anxious to hit the road on the wrong side!  Stay tuned for that. :)

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