Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"If there is no struggle, there is no progress." - Frederick Douglass

Energized by the great time that the boys and I had at our first playgroup yesterday, I was inspired to make some calls to the local schools to get some information about our options for this fall.  I have already done a lot of research, but things are just so much clearer now that we are here.  This was only possible because the boys FINALLY took a nap!  The first since we have been here.  There is a school that sounds perfect and it looks like we can get them in for a couple of days a week- perfect.

The girls at the playgroup are mostly American, and they are either married to Irishmen or their husband are working here.  There is nothing that makes you feel less alone than being with people who are going through, or have gone through things that you are experiencing.  I learned more about the driving situation, where to buy toys etc.  And I left the boys coats there. Was that some subconscious, desperate, pathetic ploy to make friends?  A reason to email the hostess and pick up the coats?  Probably not.  But they were all very nice.  And I will pick up the coats tonight.

Today we went down to the house to check for the much awaited mail.  You really can't get anything around here without a bank account and utility bill in your name.  Some of those things have arrived, and Tom is purchasing a cell phone for me as I write.  I am really becoming someone around here- I have a phone!

Now, we move on to cars.  I have set up a driving lesson for Saturday.  I do not want to put it off, I think I just need to dive in and drive on the left.  After my lesson, we will be going to a Tea.  My friend Kathryn from New York has a friend from College who is over here with his family.  We are really looking forward to it!

There you have it, we are moving right along.  There are times when I rely on "Little Bear" videos to entertain the boys while I research things or make calls.  It also improves my quality of life when they are whining and crying because of the naps they are not taking.  It's amazing how they laugh and smile at that show!  I plan to return to the minimal TV watching system when we get to the house.  We will see.  After all, it's about progress and not perfection right?

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