Thursday, August 20, 2009

"There is nothing better than birthday cake. It's like a slice of concentrated love with buttercream frosting."- T. Ikkaku, A. Hosaka and T.Kawabata

Breithlá shona duit! That is Irish for "Happy Birthday". Though I cannot pronounce it, it certainly was my wish to my husband on his special day yesterday. It was Tom's first birthday in Ireland, and I decided to mark it with a sports theme. That is kind of a go-to theme for him, and I know it does get old, but there is a whole new world of sports here.

Since he is just becoming familiar with all of the rules and regulations of Hurling, Rugby and Football and has not pledged allegiance to any teams yet, I went for the Rugby team of our region. The above shirt represents Leinster, which would be the Rugby favorite in the region we live in. I am not going to describe this any further for fear of sounding as unknowlegable as I truly am about this. It's a nice shirt though!

We celebrated by going to the immigration office and letting the Guarda know that we are here. I won't go into the details, but you can imagine. Think DMV. Then we came home and sang Happy Birthday and had some chocolate supermarket cake, which was actually pretty good.

Tomorrow we are off to Killarney for a few days to See Miss Mary & John, our very good friends from New York who are there for the month of August. We will be taking the train, and look forward to seeing the country as we pass through. I am really looking forward to three days away with my three boys!

Last but in no way least- we have a car! Well, we will get it next week, but yippie!!!!!!! Still trying to nail down plans for the boys, this Fall, but we are making progress. Here we go, it's starting to get exciting!

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