Saturday, August 8, 2009

"No one goes there nowadays, it's too crowded." - Yogi Berra

Yes Yogi, I know what you mean!  We went to the Dublin Horse Show today. (It was Tom's idea, he will love the credit.) What an amazing time we had! Here is what struck me:  It was very manageable. The decision to go was not made until this morning.  We arrived at the RDS (the venue) at about 11:30am.  We walked in and bought tickets.  We were able to find a place to sit right outside the ring to watch the Horses. Sure, there were lots of people there, but not so many that it was not worth going.  That is what I am used to and it does not seem to be the case here.  I love it!  

The weather was truly beautiful again, we have been very lucky in that respect.  The boys loved watching the horses and they even had a kids play area.  Both of them "queued up" to go on this huge inflatable slide.  We knew that Tommy would go right up but, surprisingly, Danny loved it too.  He went up the huge ladder and said "here I come!".    Tom & Danny even had some O'Brien's soft ice cream.  It was lovely.

Back at the apartment, or Ireland as it is called, I was hoping that the boys would have their first nap since we have been here. I was wrong.  I am not giving up though.  They really need their naps.  And I really need their naps too!

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