Sunday, August 16, 2009

Everything troubles you and the cat breaks your heart. - Irish Proverb

I really don't know what this means, but it seems to make sense to me. I just can't seem to push through the wall of discouragement! Just when I think I am levelling off, I discover that it is still there. Lurking.

I am astonished at how quickly my outlook changes, and what causes the changes. Tonight Tom handed me the computer and the lower half of the screen disappeared, went blurry. Crestfallen is the word that best describes how I felt. As soon as "Akeehlah and the Bee" was over I was going to bed. What is the point of staying up? The most trivial things can send me into a downward spiral.

My husband is very tuned in to my fragile state. He is trying very hard to take care of me, which alone is a boost. As I was plotting my retirement to bed, he went to find his work laptop and diligently figured out the very complicated wi-fi system that we have going here. Now I am back online, emotionally stable and hoping that I am as thoughtful to Tom as he is to me.

This afternoon we took the boys to the park and noticed how social they are becoming. Danny was playing ball with a little girl and said, "Isn't this great?". I believe that Tommy thinks he is 11. He went over to some older boys with a branch in his hand and said, "I have a stick!" with all the confidence that they would be a psyched about it as he was.

Finally, I want to mention a book that I am reading. It's called Secret Scripture by an Irish author named Sebastian Barry. In preparation of our move to Ireland, I began to read books by Irish authors. It's an incredible way to learn about our new home, the culture and the history of Irish people. Stay tuned for some great book suggestions by Irish authors!

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