Monday, October 17, 2011

"I think we all long for glamour" Linda Lee

The only corner of our house that doesn't have windows or Mirrors!

Our great friends and neighbors, Fiona & Fintan

The beautiful hostess Julie (in silver), with Ian & Jackie (also beautiful :))

Jax & Maryvonne in the lovely antique chairs

Atmosphere shot

The piano man with one of Julie & John's friends singing- it was really good

Last Saturday we went to a party thrown by our friends, Julie & John. They live behind us- just over the wall- and they have 3 boys. The youngest is the same age as our boys, and their 8-year -old is so good with them as well. Unfortunately John's Dad passed away earlier this year.

Before they sell his house, they decided to throw a party to say goodbye to it in style. And did they ever! It was amazing party and it really solidified my notion that there are so many great, nice people here. Thanks Julie & John!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.”- Mother Theresa of Calcutta


My Girls

Great to have a night out!

We will miss you Camilla!

Sometimes people come into your life, even for a short time, and they make it better. It's so important that moms have each other as friends, and it seems even more important when you live far from old friends & family.

Thursday night we said goodbye to Camilla, who is on her way to Sydney, Australia. Just last week after a stressful morning, she offered me some very wise and very needed counsel. I am glad to know you Camilla! And best of luck in OZ!

Friday, October 14, 2011

"For death is no more than a turning of us over from time to eternity. " William Penn

Mildred Marion Abitz Gallagher Butler
September 9, 1922-October 15, 2011

Because of the time difference, I didn't hear of my grandmother's death until the day after. But just that night the boys and I were talking about her and looking at her picture.

In an email to my Dad, I remembered my grandmother. But the one thing that I didn't include was her greatest accomplishment. My Dad. He is the best father and grandfather and I love and admire him so much.

Here are some thoughts from the email:

Grandma used to take us to A&S for our birthday to get new clothes. She would pick me up in her powder blue car (the one I smashed in 1986) and we would look at clothes and try things on and I would come home, very excited and feeling very special.

She always had lots of Juicy Fruit in her bag and she let us go in and take what we wanted.

Sometimes Tricia and I would sleep over at her house. Once I remember I got to go by myself. Grandma and I ate ice cream and watched "The Boy in The Plastic Bubble".

Tricia and I used to go up in her room and go into her scarf drawer. She had millions! We had so much fun playing with them.

When I had a tick in my head in 3rd grade, Grandma picked me up and took me to the Dr. to have it removed.

Tricia and I went to visit her and JB in Florida in High School and we had a lot of laughs between us, and Grandma and JB were very nice, and took us out to dinner every night.

And when I was staying at the White's while Brian was born & Tricia was having her tonsils out, I was upset and didn't want to stay there anymore. I snuck home after school and started really crying. She hugged me for a long time, and said that I could stay at home. Grandpa was there too.

I know that she loved us a lot, and I am glad that she is at peace.