Monday, October 17, 2011

"I think we all long for glamour" Linda Lee

The only corner of our house that doesn't have windows or Mirrors!

Our great friends and neighbors, Fiona & Fintan

The beautiful hostess Julie (in silver), with Ian & Jackie (also beautiful :))

Jax & Maryvonne in the lovely antique chairs

Atmosphere shot

The piano man with one of Julie & John's friends singing- it was really good

Last Saturday we went to a party thrown by our friends, Julie & John. They live behind us- just over the wall- and they have 3 boys. The youngest is the same age as our boys, and their 8-year -old is so good with them as well. Unfortunately John's Dad passed away earlier this year.

Before they sell his house, they decided to throw a party to say goodbye to it in style. And did they ever! It was amazing party and it really solidified my notion that there are so many great, nice people here. Thanks Julie & John!

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