Sunday, August 9, 2009

"Don't buy the house; buy the neighborhood."- Russian Proverb

Ok, so we are renting, but this Russian Proverb is oh-so-true.  Today we were reassured that we "rented" the right neighborhood.  We took the boys to the house for the first time.  It is empty, but the washer and dryer work so we did some laundry while we were there!  

Tom and I took the kids to a little restaurant that we had been to once before.  The owner was so friendly and helpful, and she said that she would look into some information for the kids and email it to me.  She actually told us that the waitress had said that we looked familiar.  Amazing because we were there about two months ago!

While playing ball out in the garden (backyard), the little boy who lives behind us popped through the hedges.  He is 5 years old and the boys were so happy to see him.  They kept talking to him: "I'm  Tommy" ,"I'm Danny"  , "What's your name?", "Is that you live? (where you live)", "I'm 2!" , "That's Mommy". This little boy was just laughing, knowing he was the cooler, older kid.   He was sweet.  Hope his parents are nice!

I am REALLY looking forward to getting into the house.

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