Friday, November 6, 2009

"Blessed is the person who is too busy to worry in the daytime and too sleepy to worry at night."- Unknown

Yes, I am blessed. And no, I have not abandoned my blog. I have not posted for ten days. In thinking about why that might be, I realized that I have really begun to make good use of the time I have while the boys are in school. Hopefully, the long stretch of waiting for deliveries and service people that accompanies a move to a new house is over. Instead, I have recently begun visiting the gym, having coffee with some new friends and shopping for things I might make for dinner. It has been really nice.

In the afternoons, I am with the boys. Although I do jump on the computer, I often feel that giving my attention to writing during that time doesn't work well for me or for them. At night, after dinner, laundry, dishes, and preparing for the next day, I just have not felt like it! There. But I do love writing this blog, and there are plenty of things that I should do, but don't always feel like doing. Everyone is busy! The blog just lost it's priority of late and I have just moved it back up on the list.

The most glaring event I need to report is Halloween! It was almost a week ago. In fact, by the time it came around, I was a little over it, since we had 2 Halloween parties the week before. I was not impressed by the costume selection and was feeling a tad guilty about not ordering earlier from the U.S.. We made do, and I think that they looked great. It's probably my last year to choose what they will be.

Our next door (really our houses are attached) neighbors invited us over for drinks and then we all took the kids out Trick or Treating. They have a son exactly the boys' age and also a baby daughter. It was a beautiful night, wit a full moon. Our new friends new the houses that we should go to, and we had a fantastic time! All of the neighbors were so welcoming and friendly. Our kids didn't exactly understand the "Trick or Treat" part. They thought it was: ring the bell, come in, play with your toys, and protest when told it is time to move on. They each ate a lollipop when when we got home, and forgot about all the other candy. It's still in the closet. Excuse me, I better go throw that out before I eat it.

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  1. Thank goodness you're back! I was in withdrawal. Keep up the great blogging:)