Sunday, November 8, 2009

"Small cheer and great welcome makes a merry feast." - William Shakespeare

We just returned from a lovely dinner. Tom's Aunt and Uncle had connected us with a family that they knew through friends on Cape Cod, and we met them in June when we came here to look for houses. James and Catherine were the most welcoming, easy to be with, nice people. We felt comfortable with them right away. James had even driven us around to areas he thought that we might like. They graciously had us over for dinner again. This time, our boys were with us as well. Their son, James, is older than our boys but they thought he was a superhero. He had taken out all of his old toys, including a riding dump truck and a light saber. He was nice enough to play with them, and they could not have been happier! We had a hard time dragging our boys away.

James also has two older sisters who are so sweet and polite. They all made us feel right at home.

This afternoon was spent at the People's Park in Dun Laoghaire (that's Dun Leary) where they have a great playground and a fantastic farmer's market on Sundays. It was very impressive with all kinds of produce and breads and some artists and crafts as well. Tom even learned how his favorite vegetable is grown. Brussels sprouts on stalk!


  1. Are brussel sprouts really Tom's favorite vegetable? YUCK!!

  2. No, he hates them. Although we had them roasted in a restaurant and he did think they were ok. I thought they were great.

  3. I never liked them under any circumstances. They taste awful and smell even worse while cooking.