Friday, November 6, 2009

A guest sees more in an hour than the host in a year. - Polish Proverb

My (immediate) interpretation of this quote is that hosts are often too distracted to realize what is going on at their own event. Or does it mean that my guests noticed some spider webs that I may have missed? I am not sure, but I did have people over!

The American Women's Club of Dublin is a group for for American Women who are living here. There are many different things that they offer, and currently I am participating in the "Coffee & Kids" group. Guess what it is? Every monday morning we go to someone else's house for coffee and we bring our kids. Last week it was my turn to host. I have met some very nice girls over the se last weeks, and we even have a playdate scheduled for next week. I actually have 3 playdates scheduled next week, I hope we can handle it.

One of the other great things about this group is that I have to find my way to each person's house every week. It really helps me to navigate this area! Two weeks ago, for the Halloween Party, Tom drove. It was a bank holiday here so lots of Dads were there. I was very glad to have had him do the driving as the party was way up in the hills, accessed by VERY narrow roads. It was beautiful up there and not even very far from where we are, but it sure seemed difficult to get to!

It wasn't the first time I have had people here, but the first time I have had a group over. It made me even more grateful that we found this great house!

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