Sunday, November 15, 2009

"Imagination is more important than knowledge... " - Albert Einstein

Another lovely week in Dublin. I wonder if the people who have always lived here appreciate how beautiful it is. As I was getting my hair done, I was looking out the window at a little courtyard with a small stone wall that had probably been there for hundreds of years. Last Monday we took a short walk down to a park by the water. The boys ran around and pretended to ride the goats, and they made a house in some bushes. Some of their favorite toys are sticks and rocks. Oh and mud puddles, of which there are many!

We had our first parent-teacher conference this week as well. Tom and I were very excited for our first big meeting with te teacher! It lasted about 5 minutes. The boys are grand, they are getting on well, they participate a lot and are popular with the other kids. I don't know what we expected, but we could have sat there for an hour listening to the things they do in school. We are new at this, but does it ever get old?

I am starting to get ready for our first trip to NY since becoming Dubliners. Lots of things going on, and we are very excited!

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