Tuesday, October 6, 2009

“If you don't like the weather, wait a minute" - Unknown

My parents are coming this week! We are very excited. My mom (understandably) has been asking me what the weather has been like, and I am sure that my answers are mildly frustrating. The weather changes so quickly here, it is just too difficult to predict. I feel that I sound like all of the Dubliners who have consistently told me, "dress for all four seasons". It can be damp and chilly in the morning, and then when the sun comes out in the afternoon, it is so strong it can feel like it is literally burning you.

Today however, was rainy. All day. In the last weeks if I had made a comment to anyone about how nice the weather was, many would respond, "Oh just wait".

There is a new girl in the boy's class. I was talking to her mom, and I found out that they also just moved here. They are British, but for the last two years, they have been living in Moscow! We talked about getting together for coffee soon. I can't wait to hear their story.


  1. So true about the weather! I'm constantly on the BBC website, but I'm not sure why. The weather people here change their minds every 5min, but I guess it's not their fault! My buggy is chock full of rain cover, sweaters, umbrella, blanket... not to mention extra diapers, toys and bubbles!! :)

  2. How exciting that your parents are coming! Have a great time - and have fun with your new friend! We need to Skype again soon, my dear! Miss you!