Sunday, October 18, 2009

"Adaptability is not imitation. It means power of resistance and assimilation." - Mahatma Ghandi

While driving back to our house this afternoon, I said to Tom, "Ireland is really nice". I said it as we were driving through a neighborhood that we hadn't seen before with some families chatting outside their houses with neighbors, kids playing outside. True, we live in a very nice area, but there are many of them. The mountains, the green, the sea, the oh so many parks. We discovered another one today, and it was beautiful.

There really is so much to do around here, and we have been doing it. And we have been really enjoying it! But I have to admit there is still a tiny part of me that just thinks that it was so much easier to navigate NYC. I know it's because I lived there for a long time and it's what I was comfortable with. The way I could get ANYTHING delivered, walk to lots of parks and stores, and there were tons of classes for the kids! Though my friend Jen, who moved to the city with her twin boys when they were almost 2, thought that it was much easier in the suburbs. Just throw your kids in the car, head out to wherever you need to go, and have a back yard for them to play.

It's really just what you are used to I guess. Will there soon come a point where I won't be able to imagine shlepping around NYC? I can already see how it might be hard to move back into an apartment! Adjusting to new surroundings can sometimes be difficult, particularly for someone who can be a bit stubborn like me. But let's face it, it is a lot easier to adjust from something great to something else that's great!

One of the big kids shows over here is called Peppa Pig. She lives with her brother and her parents, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig. Tommy just started calling me Mommy Pig. Lovely!


  1. I have similar feelings as you! But I must say I also surprise myself, as I often think of my life here as a permanent one and not just a two-year stint... how scary is that!!

  2. I'm honored to have been referenced, Lauri! Yes, it's easier in the 'burbs in many ways but now that I'm here, I miss the DELIVERY of anything and everything, the variety of museums and the walking that was part of everyday life. The grass is always greener, eh?