Friday, January 1, 2010

"Well begun is half done."- Horace

Welcome 2010. "2010" seems very science fiction to me. We are really in the future! Where are our Jetson mobiles? At least we are not all dressed in the same skin tight space suits.

I haven't really thought much about things that I want to do or change because the calendar had a milestone, but I think it's a great opportunity to do so. Of course I want to go back to paying attention to what I eat because that practice has been on hiatus since I started baking Christmas cookies. The gym was on a little hiatus as well. Boring no-brainers. Since we have been here for 5 months. Yes, 5 months today as a matter of fact, so the "settling-in" excuse has been exhausted. I need to get some goals, and part of them should include daily practices. And I should start today. Sigh.

It snowed here last night and that does not happen very often. We can tell by the lack of plowing/salting and sanding on the roads. We are a little trapped here in our hilly town. Luckily, there is no work or school and we have lots of Fireman Sam videos.

The boys tested out all of their snow gear. They looked very cute and seemed to like the novelty of the cold, white dusting. It actually felt like an accumulation of hail more than snow- but what do they know?

Happy New Year to my much appreciated readers!

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