Tuesday, January 19, 2010

“We grow neither better nor worse as we get old, but more like ourselves” - May Lamberton Becker

Christmas 2006

It is hard to believe that this is how I looked three years ago. In this picture, I actually had more than 3 weeks to go before the boys were born. Although that seems like a long time ago, their 3rd birthday has come so quickly. They are such big boys now! They go to school, have friends, and the most amazing ideas come out of their little mouths. I love getting to know them. I have two wonderful boys!

3rd Birthday Party Cake for School

This is the cake that I brought into their school to have with their class. It was plagiarized from a cake that my mother made for my brothers for years, a tradition still carried on by one of their wives. We are having a birthday party at our house this weekend. They were absolutely fine with the classroom party, but Tom and I are selfishly seizing the opportunity to have people over.

Thank you God for these two big boys! I feel like I have become more like myself since they have been in my life.


  1. Happy Bday to your beautiful boys! Time sure does fly!

  2. HAPPY birthday (Belated) to Tommy & Danny! Time flies when you're having fun:) xo