Saturday, January 9, 2010

“Try to learn something about everything and everything about something.” - Thomas Huxley

Last night Tom and I had a date in town. We went out to dinner and went to see the Seafarer at the Abbey Theater. I was looking forward to getting out, seeing a play, trying a new restaurant, and just experiencing that side of Dublin. The only city "nightlife" that still interests me!

I arrived early so that I could walk around a little on my own. It felt great to have some idea of where I was going. There were 3 guys performing on Grafton Street, and they attracted a pretty big crowd. I stood and watched them for a while. There was a guy with a fiddle, one with a guitar and one banging away on something that I am sure had a name. They were young and they were great.

I also wandered into a bookstore where they had a huge section of Irish history books right in the front. I wanted to get most of them. I love my kindle but I love books! There is a queue (a long line) of books that I want to read at home, but it is good to know that there is always another when I need it!

We had dinner at a restaurant called Fire, which is in the Mansion House. The Mansion House is the home of the Lord Mayor of Dublin (Currently Emer Costello) and was built in 1710. The restaurant is in a huge room that historically was used as a banquet room for official entertainment. The house also has a room called the "round room" where the first Dail Eireann met on January 21, 1919 to sign the Irish Declaration of Independence. Now the Round Room is a venue for meetings and large events.

We had a lovely time. And at least the snow stopped for 1 day for us, but it was back again this morning!


  1. Was the drum thing the guy was banging on the BODHRAN? It is a special drum they hold in their hand, placing one hand behind it, moving around to change the sound. Mom has one in the backroom.

  2. No, I actually know what that is. This guy was sitting on this thing- kind of like a washboard.