Friday, January 15, 2010

"The world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only a page."- St. Augustine

My brother Mike is definitely the traveller in the family. That's is good for me because he is visiting right now. I am so glad that he has also brought his lovely girlfriend Joanne with him. They only arrived yesterday, but I have spent more quality time with Joanne here than I have in the year and a half they have been together! (I struggle to have quality chats due to my children). So I am really enjoying having them here- it is going fast!

Shortly after they arrived at our house, we went into the village to grab something to eat. Bono decided that he was hungry as well and happened to choose the same cafe. After 5 plus months of living in Dublin, I finally had a sighting. It was exciting, especially since our guests were able to experience that as well. I hope that it overshadows the fact that we have only had intermittent running water, and have no idea when it will fully resume.

If the water will not come to the kids, bring the kids to the water. Coincidentally, the boys had their first swim class today. They have taken swimming before, but it has been inconsistent and each time they get in the pool it could be like the first time. Let's just say that half of my children jumped in like a fish, and the other half cried on the pool edge and helped me decide to do naps on swimming day.


  1. Lucky you! I keep looking for Paul McCartney in town but have yet to spot him!

  2. Bono, eh? My biggest celebrity sighting in NY was Mark Consuelos and Jerry Seinfeld. I think you got the better deal!
    T&J start swimming at the end of the month - we'll have to compare notes!