Thursday, June 10, 2010

"Maybe our mistakes are what make our fate." -Carrie Bradshaw

Girls Night Out

My friend Jackie, who is sort of involved with the International Women of Dublin, (I am just a delinquent member of the American Women of Dublin) invited me to an event that they were having to see the Sex and the City Movie. It was my first outing to "the cinema" since moving here, and I was excited to get a little dolled up and indulge myself in a bit of fantasyland.

We met at a the bar of a restaurant, beforehand. When we walked in, it was difficult to spot our group because the place was packed with women dressed up to see this movie. I actually ran into a few girls that I did not expect to see.

I love to watch Sex and the City. Well, I don't like the first couple of seasons but I feel that way about a lot of shows (Seinfeld, Friends). I really do like how New York is sort of a character in the show and the movies. In fact, it appears that Mr. Big works in the first building that I ever worked in, 875 Third Ave. That was slightly exciting. In this movie, they spent a lot of time in Abu Dhabi, so I felt a little gipped on the NYC scenes.

It took a few years for me to get into the show, but there are things about it that I really do enjoy. Admittedly one of those things is watching these dysfunctional women navigate their lives. Part of me can identify with them, part of me feels better about myself because "wow- I am doing pretty well compared to these crazies!", but mostly, I am fascinated and a little irritated with the way they glamorize the unrealistically selfish, immature and irresponsible aspects of their lives. Now THAT's entertainment!

With my good friend Jackie

This movie was actually much better than I thought it was going to be, though there was one part where it turned into a kind of zany caper where the girls had to disguise themselves in the traditional Abayas (I had to look that up) in order to escape a mob of angry men and make their flights back to NY.

Well, Carrie and Big are still married. The fact that they are together in the first place is such an improbable, unbelievable scenario that it is a little distracting. I think Carrie is still as misguided as ever and her priorities are just as backwards. Charlotte is the same as she always has been, neurotic but likeable. Miranda, however, is one of the best character evolutions that I have ever seen. She has evolved in a very realistic and endearing way from a terrified, bitter, angry woman to a much more secure, connected person.

Now Samantha, who has been so overtly sexual that it completely defined her character, seems to be ramping it up as the series goes on. I have definitely found her funny and likeable at times. She is certainly very loyal to her friends, they all are. But the in your face explicit and constant sexual theme to all of her action and dialogue is, well, boring! Anyone who talks so much about one thing, be it money, dieting, whatever- boring (reminder to self). The other thing is if I could look nearly as good as Kim Cattrall in my 50's I would be thrilled (and very surprised). But I have to say, even though her character has always been periodically offensive, it seems even harder to watch now that she is older. Her character has not progressed in a positive way at all, and if I think of her as a real person, I think that she is very sad. But I would love to be her therapist!

My favorite part of the movie, because it was the most relatable to me, was the mommy conversation between Charlotte and Miranda. I would also love to have been invited to Stanford and Anthony's wedding. It looked like lots of fun and the ceremony was very nice.

All that said, I had some strong thoughts and reactions from the movie so I would have to say that it was good. But in a very different way than some other movies are good.

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  1. Laurie - totally thought of you during the movie and of course share a lot of your feelings on the flick! I knew that was the building you worked in! I'm so excited to be back home in the city - I only wish you were still here! Look forward to seeing you in August
    you know what... I'm calling you!