Monday, July 5, 2010

“Freedom is nothing else but a chance to be better.”- Albert Camus

When talking to American friends and family this week, they all asked "what are you doing for 4th of July?". "Well, nothing" I said, "we don't have that here". We didn't have a 3-day weekend, with beaches and barbecues planned, but we did have some friends coming for dinner. And I did manage to pull out some red, white and blue napkins.

The O'Connors are a great family who have been so amazing and welcoming to us since our first visit to Ireland. We were so glad to have them over and it was a great July 4th!

On a serious note, I really have to say that learning so much about what Ireland has gone through in order to gain the freedom that they have today makes me feel even more appreciative of what we have in the United States. There is something about the fact that the events in Ireland happened less than 100 years ago, and in fact, are still happening that makes it more... relatable?

I also happen to read a story about an Iranian woman who was caught in a miniskirt at a party by the religious police at age 16. She was sentenced to 40 lashes. Many of people don't even have the most basic things that we have. God Bless America! And God Bless Ireland!

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