Monday, July 12, 2010

People don't notice whether it's winter or summer when they're happy. ~Anton Chekhov

Summer in Ireland is not what we are used to, and certainly nothing like they are experiencing in New York this year! We have had some really beautiful days. At times it can get quite warm, but never too hot. That doesn't mean that I don't overhear people talking about what a "scorcher" it is! On most days, you could wear a jacket, or not. We haven't had much rain but as always, you never know.

The kids have been in camp everyday. It's almost the same as school in that it is at their school and they are familiar with many of the other kids. The big difference is that the big kids and the little kids are together for the day. For the most part, being with older kids is great. I have heard some new words like "idiot" at home. (Sigh.) More infiltration of our little bubble!

We try to do something everyday after school. but some days the kids are just too tired! They have quite a little 3-year-old life!

Digging in the "good" sand at one of the nicest beaches around here

The waves are not bad!

Painting pottery- a little change of scenery

Taking the train is still a fun thing to do

They will go to any playground, but I need to change it up once in a while!

Spinning is the best

Having a snack on the patio with the ladies

I guess you could call this homework

We brought some American sports to Ireland

Painting with painted faces

Being 3 is Exhausting!!!!

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  1. I love these pictures! It brings back so many memories of when my brother and family lived in Donnnybrook! It's like you guys have the same backyard...