Saturday, May 8, 2010

Don't dance on a volcano. (French Proverb)

While we were in London, we heard the news that the ash from the Icelandic Volcano, Eyjafjallajökull, was affecting flights again. We remained hopeful, but in the end, our flight back to Dublin was cancelled. Rather than taking our chances the next day, we booked the train from London to Holyhead, Wales, and then the ferry to Dublin Port. It was a 12 hour journey door to door, but it was kind of an adventure. We will take the ferry again, but next time we will have our car, and fewer bags/strollers to carry. Tom booked a "berth" for us so we had a place to throw our stuff and a private bathroom for our newly toilet-trained and bathroom curious children.

The best part of being somewhat stranded for a day is that while it was happening, I had 2 friends from Dublin texting me to see if we were stuck, and asking if they could do anything. It really felt so nice that they thought of us. And it made me feel more connected here.

I have to say that the train was a little crazy and crowded, but the kids really like it.

Tom, sitting in our luxurious "Berth"

First time on a really big boat

There was a pretty big game room. We don't even put coins in, they don't know the difference.

They had to look out the window to even understand that we were on a boat!


  1. I took the same ferry in the opposite direction a few weeks ago when the volcano disrupted travel the first time. It's pretty impressive, isn't it? Like a floating mall. I ended up having a few beers and sharing stories with other stranded passengers at the bar. Fun times.

  2. Laur - this Volcano makes me nervous for my upcoming trip! Ahhhh.........