Saturday, March 13, 2010

"Staying with people consists in your not having your own way, and their not having theirs." ~Maarten Maartens

Visitors beware! If you come to Dublin and stay with us, I will drag you to Kilmainham Jail. We love having guests here, and I know that it could be so easy to let the time slip away just catching up, spending time with the boys, and sharing what our life is like here. That is why I like to get ideas from our guests about what they would really like see. So far, everyone has been pretty open to suggestions and I have strongly suggested Kilmainham Jail. There is a lot to see in Dublin, but the Jail is tied to such significant events in this county's history that you can really learn and see so much from a tour here. I have never had the same guide twice and each time I get a different perspective. I think my guests/prisoners like it too.

Me in front of the Jail on trip number one.

Here I am in my cell.

Tom looking sad in his cell.

Tricia in her cell on my second trip.

Joanne and me outside the newer cells.

Mikey (this was visit number 3 for me).

Joan looking sad in her cell on my fourth trip to Kilmainham.

Who will be jailed on my fifth trip? Will it be you?

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