Monday, February 15, 2010

"Nothing could cure me of the notion that Cork needed me and that I needed Cork. Nothing but death can, I fear, ever cure me of it." -- Frank O'Connor

Hey, I haven't had kids for that long and they have only been in school for 6 months. I am not yet programed to live by school vacations. This one surprised me a little. But we knew that we had to take advantage, and I begged Tom to take a day even though he is taking lots of days in a few weeks when we go to NY.

"We'll go to Cork and look up your ancestors" I said. Thankfully, he was able to do it and we semi -blindly booked a trip to Mallow, Co. Cork, which is near where we think Tom's Mom's family came from. After discussing it with a few friends, we decided there is not much to see or do in Mallow, but we really need to see West Cork. I picked Bantry at random and we just winged it.

Turns out, it really is a must see. It was great to be away and experience another part of Ireland. The boys were great. They have always been great travelers, and I was thankful for the recent regression on the potty-training front. Two kids in diapers are much more convenient on the road than 2 kids just learning to use the toilet. I am not saying that I plan to discourage them- just that I appreciate the ability to keep the car moving. It was A LOT of driving, and Tom did a great job.

We covered a lot of ground, but we did not make it to Mallow. That will be another trip. As well as Kilkenny, which we tried to visit, but the kids fell asleep just as we arrived, we couldn't find a good parking spot and it was really starting to rain. Kilkenny deserves a full day trip anyway. The more I see, the more I feel like I have to see.

Beautiful West Cork

A Brave man walking on this road. We couldn't help but notice how fast people drive on these narrow, windy roads. There was one guy fanning a controlled fire from the road just beyond a sharp bend- be careful guy!

Late afternoon on the way to Glengariff.

Goleen- little town where we made a pit stop.

This is a picture of a National (public) School in a little town in West Cork. Very Little House on the Prairie, no?

Dad & D-man looking out at Mizen Head, the Southwestern most part of Ireland.

That is a big cliff behind us- this picture does not do this spot justice. But T-man looks very cool.

These horses really liked Tom!

A glimpse of the beautiful scenery on the drive from Bantry to Mizen Head.

Just a house we passed that looked very Ireland-y.

This is a cow next to our car. He was in the road, but he kindly let us pass by.

Just one of the MANY castle-y type structures (that's what we were calling them) that you see as you drive around West Cork.

At the Michael Collins Statue in his hometown of Clonakilty.

Walking in Clonakilty.

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