Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"Grasp the subject, the words will follow." - Cato the Elder (234 BC - 149 BC)

Some Valentines Day Biscuts that I made in the Cooker!

We have been living in Ireland for six months. Enough time has passed that we are really feeling at home and connected, but we continue to learn new things all the time. Even though we speak the commonly used language (the national language of Ireland is Irish), there are many things that are known by different names than they are in the U.S.. Of course your mind does not skip a beat when someone refers to the motorway, but the first time someone asked me if I was "wrecked", I became very self-conscious. (It means tired and we had just flown overnight). They might have also asked me if I was "knackered".

So I put together a little list in case you come to visit. Or have had minimal exposure to England, British people or British movies. Or if you need help understanding what my kids are talking about.

Lots of fun Great Craic ("crack")

Stroller 1. Buggy (preferred)
2. Pram
3. Pushchair

Shocked Gobsmacked (gob=mouth)

TV Telly

Garbage Can Bin

Eggplant Aubergine

Gas Petrol

Vegetables Veg. just veg.

Vacuum Cleaner Hoover

Garbage Truck Bin Lorry (yes, my name is truck)

Cookie biscut

Santa Santa, Father Christmas

The police The Guards

Fire Dept. Fire Brigade

Dr. Office Surgery

get in line queue up

rentals lettings

diapers nappies

Lawyer solicitor

French Fries Chips

Reservation Booking

Backyard Back Garden

Toilet Paper Toilet Roll

Stove Cooker

Day Care Creche

Well, I'm off to bed. the chisellers will have me out of the scratcher very early tomorrow!

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  1. Hi! And it seems that Ireland and England have differences too (well, we knew that already, right?) Like, Bextartar (in Ireland) is Cream of Tartar... and Pinhead Oatmeal (in Ireland) is Scottish or Irish Oats... and Bread Soda (in Ireland) is Baking Soda. I had received a recipe from an Irish cousin and I couldn't for the LIFE of me find these things on the shelves in London grocery stores. I finally had to google them to see what they were! ha ha!