Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"Here comes the Sun and I say it's alright" - George Harrison

This is actually a sunset, a picture that I took with my phone on our way home from a restaurant last night. I kept asking the boys to look at it, and they did, but I know that they didn't understand how beautiful it was. The reason that I quoted the lyrics to "Here comes the Sun" is because, WE ARE MOVING ON FRIDAY! I was just telling Tom on the phone this morning "yeah, I want to get out of this temporary apartment and move into the house with all of our things, but I am even more excited to move into our new town!"

Today was very sunny and while the boys were at school, I walked around town doing errands and became more and more anxious to move. And then the moving company called. Our shipment cleared customs. Of course since we just found out the moving date, it feels like a last minute scramble which is hardly the case.

We have been here for almost 6 weeks, which feels like both a very long and very short time. Actually something great happened at the grocery store the other day. I was shopping around with the boys and someone that I had met called out to me to say hello. That feels so nice when you are in a new place.

I should mention this while I know I can- we may not have Internet access for a while. It takes longer than I am used to to get things done here. But guess what? I am getting used to it.

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