Sunday, October 17, 2010

"Get on with the bloody play"- Sean O'Casey

The boys are really into taking pictures. I've named this one "tired mom with potty seat"

In an effort to remain focused, Sean O'Casey pinned a note over his desk with the words in the above quote. I read about this a month ago when Tom and I went to see "The Plough and the Stars" at the Abbey Theatre. As some may have noticed, I have not posted to this blog in 3 months, and Mr. O'Casey's motivational strategy has been pecking at my brain for the last few weeks.

After the mid-July posting, we spent August in New York. It was wonderful to see friends and family and by the end of the trip, we were all anxious to get back to our life and our routine here in Dublin. It really does feel like our home now, the boys have lived a large percentage of their lives here.

Last year at this time I was determined to get settled in. I found a school for the boys, set up the house, learned to drive on the left, invited potential friends out on coffee dates and discovered some familiar food (or at least good substitutes). This year, I seem to be moving at a much slower pace. I am exercising, but only when it's something I have committed to in advance. It took me 5 weeks to invite friends over for a playdate. You may read this and think that I am being too hard on myself. Perhaps I am. But if laziness begets laziness, I want to start doing some of the things that I have been wanting to do, but have been avoiding. Getting on with the blood blog is a great start. I feel better already.


  1. I stopped checking for a while. It occurred to me today that I might have missed something and lo and behold, here is a posting!

  2. It's bloody November 28! Are you ever going to blog again?